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  • A Second Opinion

    A patient seeks a second opinion about her medical case. https://youtube.com/shorts/d3b1OrmvBDg

  • How My Sleep Specialists Screwed Me

    Good news: I solved my insomnia problem. Bad news: my sleep specialists screwed me. This article was originally published elsewhere in November 2022. I’m republishing it here with minimal editing. I’ll note that my insomnia problem is not fully fixed. It is definitely better. I now sleep five to height hours per night instead of…

  • Johns Hopkins: Great At Stunt Medicine, Crap At Actually Caring

    Johns Hopkins has fucked up once too many. The events depicted in this article happened in October 2022. This article was first published elsewhere. I’m republishing it here because it is important to highlight the failures of world-class hospitals at caring for their patients. The article was minimally edited for publication here. Remember the saying?…

  • ER Doctors: Melanoma, Narbacular Drops

    An ER doctor has trouble making himself understood. Another one prescribes Narbacular Drops to a patient. https://youtu.be/M9KVu2uHeVM

  • My Conditions Are Not Moral Failings

    It is really hard to abandon the idea that conditions are moral failings when society at large bleats that they are. Tie your hat down. This is going to be a longish article. I’m going to highlight some ways in which doctors and the general population hold onto an obsolete model of our somatic and…

  • ER Doctors

    ER doctors like to say that all your problems are caused by stress or anxiety