Support Me!

Here are the ways you can support me so that I stay out of the gutter.

Please publicize and boost this page. Please also read it to the end. There are various methods for supporting me.

I’ve talked about this earlier, but the way I talked about it was a bit messy. In this page, I aim to explain exactly how you can support me, and what my preferred methods are.

Let me start with two revelations:

  • Some of the methods you can use to support me do not require you to pay anything. You can follow me, and that’s already something. (Please read the article, however, just following me in the fediverse is nice but is the least helpful way you can support me.)
  • Do not get trapped in all or nothing thinking. Every little bit you can do to support me counts. I’d prefer a paying subscription to my blog. However, you can also give a one time donation. Or publicize me. Or just follow me.

Now, going in order of my most preferred form of support, to my least preferred. Yes, I do prefer to be paid.

The Problem

I’m on disability right now. For those not in the US, this means that the US government gives me money every month. This is due to the stem cell transplant that I had in 2021 to treat my cancer. After the transplant, you are on disability for a while, no questions asked. Recently, however, the government has started asking question. Based on what I know about our system, they are aiming to kick me out of disability.

You can flip burgers? Okay, go flip burgers then.

It doesn’t matter that nobody would hire me to flip burgers. Why? I’m way overqualified for this. At the same time, the way my marriage evolved, I’m now underqualified for those positions that I would be qualified for. Even if I were to find that very special position, it would most likely be office-bound or office-related, and I don’t aim to return to that. I’d rather write.

I’m not about to disappear into the ether next week, however, I’d like not to end up in financial trouble if I can avoid it. This is why I am asking for help. I expect that some time next year, I won’t be on disability anymore. Them’s the breaks!

The Solutions

Subscribe To This Blog

Subscribing here will give you access to premium content.

Buy My Stuff

If you need it, you can buy a Mastodon login on my own instance.

You can also buy some shirts from my Bonfire store. Note that I don’t make a ton of money on those shirts.

Hire Me

I’m available for writing comedy, coaching or tutoring. This is described here. My comedy is available on YouTube.

Publicize Me

Tell other people about my accounts. The more people know about me, the bigger my pool of potential supporters.

Follow Me

You can get an email every time a new article is published.

On YouTube I cannot monetize my channel before getting 500 followers. I also need to get more views of my videos. I hate to ask for this, but if you listed to something there, and you liked it, please give it a like.

Do note that you can always mute me after following, if you think that I generate too many notifications.

I’m going to update this page with new methods as they become available.