• Spinning Class

    Finn bought a new chair for spinning class. (Decided to leave the exaggerated laughs that the AI produced, as-is.)

  • Doing Adult Stuff

    Finn is trying to convey to Alice that he’s adulting.

  • Flushies

    Finn has a new idea for a stuffed toy.

  • Bark Your Meal

    Finn barks a lasagna.

  • A Second Opinion

    A patient seeks a second opinion about her medical case.

  • Miles Per Gollum

    Finn explains a new method of transportation in Middle Earth.

  • Say Yes To The Dressing

    Finn has an idea for a new game show.

  • Regular Individual’s Foot

    Finn sees a doctor for his foot.

  • Storming The Enemy At Dawn

    Plans are afoot to storm the enemy at dawn!

  • New Year Goats

    Finn got himself some New Year Goats!