Feel free to contact me if you want tutoring in topics not listed here. I am constantly refreshing my knowledge of the various topics that I can tutor in. For instance, I’ve done calculus, but the last time I did it in earnest was over 30 years ago, and in French. I need to refresh it if I’m going to tutor in it. We can discuss your needs and see if I am a fit.

Historically, I have tutored in these topics. Most of the class I list here are in the American system:

  • Math:
    • Advanced Functions. This is a class given in Canada.
    • Prealgebra
    • Algebra I
    • Algebra II
    • Precalculus
  • Python: version 3 of the language.
  • French. I can teach the grammar of French 1 to French 4 to anyone. However, for Conversational French, I prefer to teach people who need the type of French spoken in Qu├ębec. That is where I’m from originally. I’ve never lived in any other primarily-francophone country elsewhere. I could sorta-kinda teach you the French from France, but I think it would be suboptimal.
The Rules Of Engagement
  1. Contact me to set a time for our appointment.
  2. Then you can use the button to buy some time. (Note that you can click on the button to see what I charge, and buy nothing if you’re unhappy with my price.)
  3. I’ll set the appointment in Google Calendar and send you an invitation.
  4. Please accept the invitation.
  5. If you haven’t accepted the invitation 24h prior to the appointment, I may cancel the appointment.
  6. You may cancel an appointment, at no cost to you, more than 24h prior to the appointment.
  7. You can cancel an appointment less than 24h prior to the appointment, but in this case you’ll be charged for the appointment.
  8. If I show up to the appointment, and you are not present, I will wait 15 minutes. If you do not show up prior to 15 minutes being elapsed, you will be charged for the appointment.
  9. If you do not need all the time we had allocated for an appointment, I still charge for the entire appointment. If you want two hours, and use just one, you’re going to be charged for two hours.
Why These Cancellation And No Show Rules?

First, there has to be an incentive to be present during the tutoring sessions.

Second, I’ve set aside time to tutor you. This is time I could have used for something else.