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  • Stupid On The Internet

    Finn is just itching to go after someone who says stupid things on the Internet. https://youtube.com/shorts/Gqb_t1DcFKY?feature=share

  • How To Spank Kava

    An important message about how to spank kava. Spank it good, spank spank it real good! (Note this is nonsense. You can readĀ thisĀ if you are serious about kava.) https://spectra.video/w/jQLwUiqhKM3CqikHu7iNvF

  • Kava: An Antianxiety Herb

    I drink kava pretty much daily, because I like its effects. What is kava? It is a herb that grows naturally in the Pacific Islands. People there have been grinding its root for centuries to make drinks out of it. Eventually, it came to the West. No, I’m not going to give you the full…