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  • My Sleep Ritual

    This is what I have to do if I want a good night of sleep. You need to be logged in to view the rest of the content. Please Log In. Not a Member? Join Us

  • How My Sleep Specialists Screwed Me

    Good news: I solved my insomnia problem. Bad news: my sleep specialists screwed me. This article was originally published elsewhere in November 2022. I’m republishing it here with minimal editing. I’ll note that my insomnia problem is not fully fixed. It is definitely better. I now sleep five to height hours per night instead of…

  • Sleep Disorders

    I used to be able to sleep just fine, but I lost that ability with age. Sleep disorders are common among autistic people. The fact that I progressively lost the ability to sleep normally is one of the reasons I think that I was starting to lose the ability to mask prior to my cancer,…