Hire Me!


I’ve been using AI to give myself a cast of actors to play out the nonsense I come up with. I think this nonsense is funny, but you may differ. At any rate the results in English are here:


And here:


Or in French:


These are also a good illustration of what goes on in my head. Ideas trip over one another often resulting in a funny mush.

Tutoring or Coaching

I am available to tutor your kids if they need tutoring. I suppose I could also tutor adults too, if the need arises.

I have a bachelor degree in Computer Engineering, an M.A. in South Asia Studies, and a Ph.D. in Religion. Yes, I’ve run the gamut. The last computing languages I’ve used were TypeScript, JavaScript and Python. I’ve used many more before, like C++, but I doubt I’d be great in tutoring in those languages. C++ in particular is the spawn of hell, and I never want to touch it again. (Yes, even with all the improvements they supposedly made.) The focus of my religious studies was ancient Indian Buddhism and ancient Indian Hinduism, but I can also tutor about world religions.

French is my mother tongue, so I could tutor in that topic too. My accent is French-Canadian, and I can teach the most common French-Canadian dialect if that’s needed. I can “clean it up” if there’s a need for a more international form of French, in that I can avoid using vocabulary and grammatical structures specific to the French-Canadian dialect, and use those that would be recognized internationally.

I’ve tutored my classmates, but that’s about it. I’ve not tutored professionally. On the other hand, I’ve taught professionally, however, at the university level, both Computer Engineering and Religion. I don’t remember what Computer Engineering classes I taught, but in Religion I’ve taught Sanskrit, world religions, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

Besides tutoring, I can also lend a compassionate ear to people who are having difficulties in their life. This is what I call coaching. I’ve had several kids with severe illness tell me that my mere existence reassures them, but I can do more than just exist. I can listen, without judgement. I’ve had a heart attack at the age of 24, and cancer at the age of 48. I’m 51 now. I’ve already helped other cancer patients and patients with heart conditions through their treatment, but that was pro bono, if you will.

You can DM me on Mastodon, or on Discord, if you have a need, or contact me here. We can determine if I’m a good fit, and the rate. I plan to do everything remotely, though Zoom or Skype or another video chat method. I also expect my initial rate to be on the cheap side.

Of course, I don’t intend to tell people who stim that they should stop or shame them in any other way. I also don’t care if people look at me in the eye as I tutor them, as long as they are listening.

I just want to help, and I aim to never return to an office environment, or anything related to such an environment, like remote engineering work. Ew…