Stimming Is Life 001

A playlist for those who like to stim to music.

I’m a late-diagnosed autistic, and yes I did self-diagnose. For the longest time I was able to mask, but my cancer lessened my ability. Yet, if I look back at my life, I was stimming years before my cancer. One form of stimming for me was to tap my desk in rhythm to the music. Sometimes I just simply tapped it, but sometimes the way I tapped it looked like playing an imaginary piano.

After my cancer diagnosis and the damage it caused to my brain, I started hand-dancing and walk-dancing when I went on my walks around on my neighborhood walks. I find that stimming improves my mood. I know some autistic people use it in a crisis… I don’t. Yay for neurodiversity. 🥳

I think it is impossible to please absolutely everyone. The songs that I pick are in a style that I like, and they have a beat that is right for me. There are songs that I like that don’t make the list because they are too fast, or too slow. Such is life. I’ve put together a playlist of the songs I use when I go on my walks.

ETA: You should know that Night Club’s music can get pretty dark. I still like it, but if you are scared by dark stuff, you might want to skip it.

Below is the playlist on Spotify.

If you want to celebrate your stimming, or the stimming of someone else, you can get a Stimming Is Life shirt here:

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