Stimming Is Life 002

A playlist for those who like to stim to music.

One thing I found that 120 beats per minute (BPM) may be close to my limit when I walk. I may have songs that go above this limit, but if they are too fast, then I just hand-dance and forget about walk-dancing. If you want a handy way to determine how many BPM a song is, you can go to this website:

You type the name of the song and the artist in the field at the top and look at the matches you get.

I’ll remind you that these are songs that I like. If you are the parent of a kid with autism, you should listen to the songs before passing them on to your kid. Some of the themes covered by the songs may not be appropriate for everyone. Finally, songs may not be what you need. Keep what you like, ditch the rest.

I use YouTube Music as my main streaming service. I build my list there, and then I use this tool to convert my YouTube playlist to a Spotify one:

Sometimes, however, the algorithm there gets it wrong. I’ve had to make a couple of manual edits to my second playlist. Note also that the Heart Afire song in the following playlist on Spotify is not the one that I want. I was not able to find an acceptable substitute. Sorry about that.

Here is the YouTube Music playlist:

Here is the Spotify playlist:

If you want to celebrate your stimming, or the stimming of someone else, you can get a Stimming Is Life shirt here:

I get a small cut of all sales.

If you run into anything amiss, please comment.






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