The Problem With Your Answers To My Questions

When I complain about a product, your answer to just stop using it stinks, very badly.

Once in a while, I run into problems with this or that product. Sometimes, when I cannot find a solution, I post my issue to the fediverse, hoping someone will have the answer.

A lot of people don’t respond. This is entirely fine.

Some people respond with their own problem. That’s also fine.

Some people respond that they swear never to use the product in question again. Yes, this is entirely fine, too. I’m in favor of you making the decision to not use this product again.

However, some people come to tell me that I should not use the product I’m using. This is it. This is the entirety of their response. They don’t suggest something else, they just shit on the product.

How is this at all useful?

You’ve not solved my problem. In fact, you’ve compounded my problem. You say not to use the product I’m using. Okay. What is the alternative? Ah, well, you did not say, did you? You’re leaving me with the task of having to find the alternative. Your answer stinks.

Once in a while someone come up with an alternative. At least this person is trying to be useful. It is entirely fine to toss an alternative at me, if it is done humbly. That is, if it is done with the understanding that your choice may not be adequate for me. This is fine.

What is definitely not fine is those asshats who insist that I should their own favored product without any inkling that maybe their product is not fine for me. I’ve been on this planet long enough to know that when someone says just use this instead, it is likely that I’m going to run into problems, if not a downright dead end. Your answer stinks.

You want examples?

“WordPress stinks! Just use”

I tried It stank, even more than WordPress. I’m not a fan of WordPress, but it gets the job done.

“Chrome stinks! Just use Firefox.”

I actually did the move. Firefox is my primary browser now. However, I forgot how many sites won’t work with Firefox. Yes, I know that this is something that shouldn’t happen in 2024, but here we are. I cannot use any teleconferencing software with Firefox reliably. (Jitsi might work, but I haven’t tried it with many people, so I don’t really know.)

I’ll also add that I most likely have spent time considering the flaws you found in the product I’m using. I’ve most likely also spent time considering alternatives and found them lacking. I especially love it when someone shoves in my face an alternative I’ve already rejected.

You’re not informing me about anything I did not already know. If your answer is among those I declared to be stinking above, your answer stinks too. Even if I don’t tell you to your face. Your answer stinks.



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