Stimming Is Life 14

More music to stim to.

Things of note…

I believe this is a first in our series. The songwriter of Your Woman, Jyoti Mishra (@Jyoti) is in the fediverse! Do say hi, especially if you like the song!

Danger Mouse is very present in this playlist. He’s a member Gnarls Barkley and Broken Bells. No, I don’t mean the cartoon character, but this guy:

My ex-wife was enamored with Lovefool by The Cardigans. My relationship to it was more muted. I loved the musicality of it, but I hated the notion that a woman was asking someone to pretend to love her.






4 responses to “Stimming Is Life 14”

  1. John Bloor Printmaker Avatar

    @yourautisticlife @Jyoti I have a couple of albums by him!

    1. Jyoti Mishra Avatar

      @JohnBloor @yourautisticlife

      Thank you for listening, John!

      And you've given me a great opportunity to plug this new release that's actually 34 years old:


  2. Jyoti Mishra Avatar


    Awwh, THANK YOU for the mention! :ablobcatrainbow:

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