Tag: LLM

  • AI Fart

    Finn tries to make the AI fart, but it is not working. https://youtube.com/shorts/0NnZvmzhVRQ?feature=share

  • Is Diatomaceous Earth Flammable?

    Google keeps throwing nonsense at me! For the record, it is not flammable. https://youtu.be/SFQ2fVP8H-w

  • Google’s Enshittification Continues, Unabated

    I have a moratorium on buying new Google devices. It is likely to continue. So, I ran into trouble with my Google Chromecast with Google TV device a long time ago. For the longest time, the device was unable to load suggestions. I searched through Google Search, found people who had the same issue, and…

  • On The Accuracy Of ChatGPT

    ChatGPT is accurately cribbing, for sure! Unfortunately, sometimes killing the messenger means killing the cook. https://spectra.video/w/iivd5FrBRMKEexyrym485r

  • An AI Wrote This Ad For Fartulent

    It picked up on the notion that Fartulent is about farts. What the hell happened??? So I produced a spoof video about the drug Fartulent. Here is the video. Then I had the bright idea to ask an AI to produce an advertisement for it. You’ll find the result below. (Note that the AI only…