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  • When Shitbags Fake Disability

    This story is such a clusterfuck of deceit and incompetence that you should be as mad as I am! Tie your hat! This is going to be a really rough ride. It is not every day that watching a cooking video on YouTube sends me ballistic. Yet, here we are. I’m bloody mad, and so…

  • Feeld’s Moderation Wasn’t Great, But It Is Now Nonexistent

    Feeld’s moderation was never great, but it is now nonexistent. I’ll explain how I came to this conclusion in this article. It really hurts me to say this, because I think that Feeld is the best platform for people who are part of the gender and sexual minorities (GSM). I am part of several of…

  • Oxford Scammer

    A scammer is a bit full of himself. https://spectra.video/w/3mwMyVRJwrxtqPVhyKRmBh