When Shitbags Fake Disability

This story is such a clusterfuck of deceit and incompetence that you should be as mad as I am!

Tie your hat! This is going to be a really rough ride. It is not every day that watching a cooking video on YouTube sends me ballistic. Yet, here we are. I’m bloody mad, and so should you after you examine the case I’m going to give you.

I came across this story when I watched the latest video from the How to Cook That channel on YouTube. I’m going to drop a link at the end of my article. In her video, Ann Reardon points out a strange medical case and urges the viewers to go to watch her source on the Strong Medicine channel.

I did what she asked, and what I found was pure, unadulterated shitbaggery. The videos on this channel are those of Eric Strong, a doctor. Before we go any further, hats off to Dr. Strong, who explained artfully what this case is all about. Just like Ann Reardon, I urge you to watch the videos from Dr. Strong related to this case. I’m going to drop links at the end of my article for those too. If this does not make your blood boil, you are not human!

I’m going to give you a very concise summary of what happened. Dr. Strong gives many more details. Councilwoman of Aurora, CO, Danielle Jurinsky, criticized ex-Chief of Police Vanessa Wilson. The next day, someone called anonymously to report a child abuse case against Jurinksy. After investigation, they found that a social security worker, Robin Niceta, had called in the anonymous tip. Niceta’s motivation in this was that she was in a romantic relationship with Wilson.

Niceta was charged. When the trial was meant to begin, her defense was that she was incompetent to stand trial due to a glioblastoma. Jurinsky was not buying it. However, the defense and the prosecution believed her. After all, Niceta had MRI pictures, and even a “doctor” that confirmed the MRIs. The judge in the case would probably have ruled her incompetent.

That is, she would have been ruled incompetent, if internet investigators had not stepped in. Someone made a post to a Reddit forum. Doctors started opining on the MRIs that showed the tumor. The doctors were not buying it. Dr. Strong in his videos makes a convincing case as to why the MRIs were, in fact, doctored.

The end result is that Robin Niceta was found to have lied to the court. She’s won more charges added to her initial offense. Her mother is also implicated because they both went on the news and pretended that Niceta was unresponsive. Let me rephrase this, Niceta faked disability on camera!

I’m not sure what they were expecting to gain from this charade. Brain tumors are no joke. They can have random neurological effects. Were they hoping that Niceta would gain the time to flee the country? Or that the whole thing would be dropped because “the tumor made me do it?” Unclear.

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I do urge you to watch Dr. Strong’s videos, because there is much more to this story, including accusations from 40 people that Niceta improperly approached them for sexual favors. A complete and utter clusterfuck, I tell you.

Robin Niceta faked disability in order to gain an advantage.

We, who face real disabilities, are harmed by Niceta’s bullshit. The next time someone does not believe you, you have people like her to thank for the shit being heaped upon you.

Maybe I’m taking this more personally than the average Joe. See, I’ve had cancer. My tumor was in my brain. I don’t wish to go into too many details here, but it wasn’t a glioblastoma. In fact, it wasn’t even brain cancer proper, but the tumor was in my brain. This tumor really disabled me for a while. The treatment for it was also no walk in the park. Niceta is despicable for her fakery.

Multiple people dropped the ball here. Niceta’s defense attorney took her claims at face value. Yes, they talked to a “doctor,” but they did not do their due diligence and check on that doctor’s credentials. It was later discovered that this “doctor” did not exist. The prosecuting attorney also dropped the ball. They did not do any substantial review of the evidence.

However, the worst is that CBS Colorado also dropped the ball. I want to give a special shoutout to Brian Maass, an “investigative journalist”. He’s the one who originally broke Niceta’s story for CBS. He swallowed everything whole, hook, line, and sinker. He failed to have a competent doctor do a double check on Niceta’s evidence. When he was made aware of the criticism from the Reddit crowd, he doubled down with medically incoherent excuses.

This is unacceptable. Good journalistic practice, especially from an investigative journalist, requires double-checking the evidence presented to you. Okay, mistakes do happen, but when one of the actors in the story, Jurinsky, tells you that she does not buy it, and when Internet investigators tell you that what you have is bunk, and make a convincing show of it, you have to take the situation seriously.

This, CBS Colorado, and Maass, did not do. Instead, they doubled down and gave themselves a pat on the back when the prosecution got wind of the fake evidence. I can only conclude that baboons run the show over at CBS Colorado.

Again, you should go check out Dr. Strong’s videos. I’ve given you but a very short summary of the gigantic clusterfuck that this case has proved to be, but what a clusterfuck it is!

Here are the promised videos. The videos of Dr. Strong are in chronological order.



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  1. Your Autistic Life Avatar


    I'm not seeing the confusion.

    First day (implied by "the next day" in the sentence that follows): Jurinsky criticizes Wilson.

    Next day: Robin Nicela (anonymously), accuses Jurinsky of child abuse.

    Maybe you're confused because I've not told of the link between Nicela and Wilson. They were lovers. This provides motive, but it wouldn't really matter if Nicela were just some random person who wanted to right some perceived wrong.

    I can add this if that's where the confusion originates. I've written this quick because I've got other things to do, and I figured that if I sat on my ass, it might never get out.

    "Know thyself" and all that jazz.

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