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  • How To Eat Pussy Like A Gentleman

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  • Eating Pussy Is Its Own Reward!

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  • Our Relationship And Our Sex Was Divine

    On the first anniversary of our breakup, I reflect on a relationship that was divine, before becoming hellish. Someone who is sexually immature cannot blame their partner when the sex is okay but not amazing. This is a realization I had today. Who was sexually immature? Me. However, I’ve grown during the past two years,…

  • Access to NSFW Content

    This site will from time to time put out NSFW content. What is NSFW? The definition is arbitrary, but for me NSFW include explicit discussion of BDSM, sex, techniques regarding these two topics, etc. The mere mention of BDSM, or of certain roles within the BDSM community, is not enough to make an article NSFW.…

  • The Girl Who Mistook Me For A Pile Of Bricks

    I wanted to give her everything, but she backstabbed me. I’ve mentioned it before. The queer world is rather small. You should be nice to the people you run into, even when breaking up with them. If you do not, you may get a cold reception the next time you run into them. I wanted…