I’m Tired Of People Who Have An “Opinion” About Where I’m Allowed To Publish

Telling me where I can publish amounts to you trying to control how I make a living.

I’m going to be blunt in what follows. You’ve been warned.

I’ve already made a post about those misguided souls who would like to tell us autistic people how we should make ends meet. I think I made a good argument there. It was a more general argument than the one I’m going to make here. You should read it.

Okay, so what about the various publishing platforms at our disposal? Here is where I’ve posted my articles:

  1. Medium
  2. My blog (here).
  3. The fediverse.
  4. PeerTube
  5. YouTube

The stuff on PeerTube and YouTube are not “articles” but little bits of recorded nonsense. Still, they are ways to make my work known.

Besides, the above. I have accounts on:

  1. ko-fi
  2. Bonfire

I think that’s it.

Where is my money coming from, as we speak?

  1. Medium
  2. ko-fi

In fact, if we limit ourselves to my writing as an autistic man, the only place where I’m making money right now is ko-fi. As a matter of fact, with the costs associated with running this blog, I’m operating at a loss right now. To put it differently, if I did not have this blog, then I’d be in a better situation than I am now financially speaking. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

“But some places offer free hosting for blogs.”

Free? Really? Or do they slap a million ads on your blog? That’s not free. That subjecting your readers to torture. I don’t care if they can install an ad blocker. I don’t want ads on my blog. Actually, I do have ads as we speak, but they are advertisement for my services, and you have to seek them out to see them. I also have a footer with my ko-fi and my Bonfire store in there. I may have more ads in the future, but I want my ads to be minimal. Not only that, but I don’t want ads managed by other people.

“But that place over there is cheaper than…”

There’s always a compromise when you go with cheaper. Does it have the ability to send articles straight to the fediverse? If not, it is not even a contender. (Yes, I’ve tried writefreely. It supports the fediverse, but extremely primitively.)

“But I don’t have a Medium account…”

Then it is not for you. You can read me here. No, I don’t guarantee that every single article I publish on Medium will show up here. I need to make money if I don’t want to return into an office. They are not yet on Medium, but maybe at some point they will. Conversely, I have some articles here that I don’t necessarily plan to publish elsewhere, for instance, like this very article.

If you need to, please go to the article I linked to above and read the bit about OnlyFans. Why do people subscribe to OnlyFans when there is freely available porn on the Internet? They are getting something that they wouldn’t get otherwise. That’s it. You do not need to understand it. Maybe they just want to support the creator. Maybe they want contact with the creator. It does not matter.

This is it. If you want me to prioritize this blog, then put your money where your mouth is and give me a donation on ko-fi, or buy a shirt on Bonfire. I’d prefer a recurring donation on ko-fi, but if you want a shirt, I’m not going to stop you.

Otherwise, shut… the fuck… up! You’re no better than the trolls who prompted me to write the other article I mentioned above. No, I really don’t care if you are queer, or a leftist like I am. You’re a troll.

Muting you, or blocking you, is self-care.






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