The State of The Dating Apps

Feeld is buggy. KinkD is not very active. Oh, and I’m back on OkCupid.

Feeld is buggy as sin. The November 2023 update has been a shitshow and continues to be a shitshow. I recently let my Feeld subscription lapse. No biggie. However, I’ve received during the past few weeks about three likes that never made it among my prospects.

“Say what?”

My phone brought up a notification saying that someone liked me. I clicked on the notification and that person was nowhere to be found. This never used to happen. I’ve resubscribed to see if it would make a difference, but it did not. I have no clue what happened exactly, but it smells like a bug to me.

I’ve also had trouble unmatching from scammers. I tried cleaning my roster this morning, and that one scammer would just not go away.

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KinkD is still a desert in my area. Most of the activity I see on it is happening far from me. There was I girl that I messaged. I asked if she was interested. She answered yes, but then I got nothing more from her.

Given that there’s very little action on KinkD, and that Feeld has been suffering from enshittification, I’m now back on OkCupid. It used to be that I’d recommend Feeld for Kinky folks, and OkCupid for vanilla folks. Truth be told OkCupid is the superior platform. It is just a shame that I have to wade through a lot of vanilla profiles on OkCupid, in order to find the rare gem.

Technically, OkCupid is comes last among these three platforms. I’ve been intimate with multiple people I found on Feeld, with two people I found on KinkD, and with one person I found on OkCupid. I had found OkCupid so vanilla, that I had decided to stop renewing my subscription and never look back.

Haha! Yeah.

With the downfall of Feeld, I figure I should take a second look. The one big thing that has changed since I was there is that I’ve expanded my search to include men, agender folks, etc., basically all the flavors. If we hit it off, we hit it off. If we don’t, then we don’t.

I’ve already received a bunch of likes. It is unfortunately not from people I think I’d hit it off, but it is better than nothing. I forgot that on that platform, the only way to not see someone with whom I think I won’t hit it off, ever, is to block them. I’ve been blocking people left and right, including people that I had matched with before, or that I went on a date with, and nothing happened.

And… I managed… to work through… my entire stack… in less… than a day.

Wow. I remember having this problem before. I don’t want to see or date straight people, so it eliminates a ton of folks from my stack. Then there’s the fact that I don’t want to date conservatives, etc.

Man, my stay on this platform is going to be painful!






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