Your Autistic Life: The Ruminations of an Autistic Man

This is my blog. I masked my autism for the first 50 years of my life. I discovered in March 2023 that I am, in fact, autistic. Prior to this time, my life was mostly okay, but did not make much sense overall. Since my self-diagnosis, my life makes much more sense.

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  • When Shitbags Fake Disability

    This story is such a clusterfuck of deceit and incompetence that you should be as mad as I am! Tie your hat! This is going to be a really rough ride. It is not every day that watching a cooking video on YouTube sends me ballistic. Yet, here we are. I’m bloody mad, and so…

  • The Distinction Between Migrant And Expat May Not Be The One You Think

    The wrong definition will mark you as someone fighting the wrong battle. If you insist that by definition expat means white skin, while migrant means person of color, what you are engaging in is performative social justice and virtue signaling. “Look at how virtuous I am!” What you are doing actually helps no one. Moreover,…

  • Flipboard: An Ableist Platform

    I don’t recommend it for anyone, and especially not for people with mental health conditions. I don’t watch the news on the television anymore. Rather than do this, I used to use Google News. I did this for a long time. It was my main source of news. I tried using the fediverse for this,…

Latest Articles:

  • Janette Bertrand, The Lady Who Listened

    Janette Bertrand knew how to listen to those who were cast aside by society. I’m pretty sure she’d be fine with me calling her by her first name. So let me tell you about Janette. She was a big name on TV when I was growing up in Québec. She had one project after another.…

  • Stimming Is Life 004

    A playlist of music that I stim to. This playlist contains some oldies. I suppose the term oldie depends on what age you are, but I expect that for most kids, some of the music is going to fall squarely in the oldies category. If I do have some trivia about a song that I…

  • Sleep Disorders

    I used to be able to sleep just fine, but I lost that ability with age. Sleep disorders are common among autistic people. The fact that I progressively lost the ability to sleep normally is one of the reasons I think that I was starting to lose the ability to mask prior to my cancer,…

  • I Like Repetition

    There are multiple ways in which repetition is a feature of my life. Society tells us that repetition is a bad thing. Then again, society is dominated by neurotypical people. I’m neurodivergent, autistic, and thus my relationship with repetition is more complex than what society tells us. My choice of clothing shows a desire for…

  • Stimming

    I’ve stimmed all my life, but its manifestation has changed over time. As I reflect on earlier episodes in my life, I realize that a lot of the symptoms associated with autism were present in me, but masked. I’ve stimmed way before my cancer weakened my ability to mask, but I did not know what…

  • Stimming Is Life 003

    More music to stim to. As usual, take what you like, ignore the rest. Note that Spotify does not seem to have The Living Tombstone remix of Epoch by Savlonic. Also, Vital Signs by Tame Impala is not on Spotify. Here is the YouTube playlist: Here is the Spotify one: As usual, comments are welcome.…

Latest Videos From My YouTube Channel:

  • Bark Your Meal

    Finn barks a lasagna.

  • A Second Opinion

    A patient seeks a second opinion about her medical case.

  • Miles Per Gollum

    Finn explains a new method of transportation in Middle Earth.