Your Autistic Life: The Ruminations of an Autistic Man

This is my blog. I masked my autism for the first 50 years of my life. I discovered in March 2023 that I am, in fact, autistic. Prior to this time, my life was mostly okay, but did not make much sense overall. Since my self-diagnosis, my life makes much more sense.

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  • Trans Kids Shouldn’t Have To Hide Who They Are From Their Parents

    I’m sorry to report that most parents fail horribly in this matter. Recently, a trans kid was asking how to buy binders without their parents knowing about it. This request saddened me. No, not because the kid is trans. I am saddened because, as is usually the case with trans kids, the parents are not…

  • The Problem With Your Answers To My Questions

    When I complain about a product, your answer to just stop using it stinks, very badly. Once in a while, I run into problems with this or that product. Sometimes, when I cannot find a solution, I post my issue to the fediverse, hoping someone will have the answer. A lot of people don’t respond.…

  • When Shitbags Fake Disability

    This story is such a clusterfuck of deceit and incompetence that you should be as mad as I am! Tie your hat! This is going to be a really rough ride. It is not every day that watching a cooking video on YouTube sends me ballistic. Yet, here we are. I’m bloody mad, and so…

Latest Articles:

  • Johns Hopkins: Great At Stunt Medicine, Crap At Actually¬†Caring

    Johns Hopkins has fucked up once too many. The events depicted in this article happened in October 2022. This article was first published elsewhere. I’m republishing it here because it is important to highlight the failures of world-class hospitals at caring for their patients. The article was minimally edited for publication here. Remember the saying?…

  • Shit That Irritates Me In Dating Profiles

    How to avoid giving the wrong impression when you write a dating profile. I’m angry. I keep seeing inadequate profiles on Feeld. Sometimes these people list desires that in theory might match me, but because their profile is inadequate, I have to reject them. My experience on the dating apps have demonstrated that I’m most…

  • Snowflakes In The Storm

    We are so many snowflakes in the storm. Such is our lives. As I write these lines, it is snowing softly outside my apartment. However, I do not wish to talk about the present, but about the past. I want to talk about one night, back when I was in my early twenties. At that…

  • The Discovery Of My Aromantic Nature

    I wish I had known earlier. It would have saved me some suffering. I’ve discovered recently that I’m aromantic. Much like the discovery of my autism, it has been a tremendous relief. I’m not broken. I’m just different. Let me explain. I now describe myself in the following fashion. I’m aromantic. However, I can definitely…

  • Flipboard: An Ableist Platform

    I don’t recommend it for anyone, and especially not for people with mental health conditions. I don’t watch the news on the television anymore. Rather than do this, I used to use Google News. I did this for a long time. It was my main source of news. I tried using the fediverse for this,…

  • The Dawn Of Understanding

    I’m just beginning to understand that the masters said. Good news! You’re already enlightened. Bad news. You still need to practice, for a long time, and most likely until you die. Ain’t this fun? Oftentimes, Zen practice beings with a desire for enlightenment. I’ll get enlightened. Then I’ll show them! Not a very wholesome thought,…

Latest Videos From My YouTube Channel:

  • The Parabola Of The Mustard Seed

    Finn wants to tell a parabola to Alice.

  • Spinning Class

    Finn bought a new chair for spinning class. (Decided to leave the exaggerated laughs that the AI produced, as-is.)

  • Doing Adult Stuff

    Finn is trying to convey to Alice that he’s adulting.

Latest Music:

  • Stimming Is Life 011

    More music to stim to. I’ve picked the audio-only version of The Less I Know The Better by Tame Impala. There’s a video of it, however, it contains sex, so I decided to not include it in my playlist. Feel free to find it on YouTube and watch it, however!

  • Stimming Is Life 010

    More music to stim to. Warning: the clip for Wonderland by Caravan Palace contains imagery that some people can find disturbing.

  • Stimming Is Life 009

    More music to stim to. The music video for I Appear Missing is a big gory. Also, I picked the audio of Miracle for the YouTube playlist. There is an official music video, but it is not safe for work. If you want to see it, you’ll have to work for it.