I No Longer Recommend Feeld

The powers that be killed the golden goose.

If you’ve already read this article, please read the updates at the bottom. They are eye-opening.

I’ve complained about the state of Feeld before. Namely, in this article:

Well… it’s gone from bad to worse. Feeld used to be the application I’d recommend for the gender and sexual minorities. It had its flaws, but there was a critical mass of people on this app that did not exist anywhere else. I was willing to put up with its flaws, if it meant that I was able to find people to be intimate with. I did find such people. Feeld was the number one app for me in terms of numbers.

Feeld has made it really hard now for me to match with anyone. In addition to the preexisting problems that they never fixed, Feeld added new problems with the November update. The major issues I have are now these:

  1. It does not matter how I set my search parameters, the app arbitrarily cuts off the number of people I can see. I’ve tried everything. I’ve reset the app. I’ve reinstalled it. I’ve set my distance filter to the max. It does not matter. I’ve complained about this since before their upgrade, repeatedly. They never fixed it.
  2. This did not use to happen, but I now get notifications from the app about people who like me or ping me, and when I go to check they are not there. I’ve complained about this repeatedly, too. No fix.
  3. There’s no moderation on this platform.

So I’ve told them. After my current subscription ends, I’m deleting my profile. End of the line. So long, and thanks for all the matches!

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Now, don’t get me wrong. I think all the dating apps suck in various ways. Feeld was just the one that sucked the least in my book. Do also note that geography can impact your experience on the apps greatly. In particular, on Feeld I can only guess how many pings I’ve wasted on people who just happen to be passing through because nothing tells me where they are based.

A friend asked me a few weeks back about what dating app he should try. I still mentioned Feeld, but it was negatively, and he decided to pass on it. I cannot blame him. OkCupid was my second choice. He’s now on OkCupid and happy about it.

I’ve also returned to OkCupid, and I’m now matched with five people there. These are all submissive folks. This has never happened before. I’m thinking the gender and sexual minorities are moving to OkCupid, en masse. I’m still not a great fan of OkCupid because it makes it really hard to find people who are into BDSM, but it is better than nothing.

This sucks, big time. Feeld used to be number one. KinkD was number two but only barely. OkCupid was number three. OkCupid is on track now to surpass them all.

Oh, and if you are a sex educator who somehow associates with Feeld, you’re beclowning yourself with your association. Good job! (Yes, I’m looking at you, Evie Lupine.)

Update May 17th, 2024.

Okay, so Feeld proved to me that my conjecture above is completely true. People liked me, or pinged me. I got the notification, but they did not show up in my likes or my pings. How do I know? I brought up the app, and I had 18 likes and pings total. Prior to this, I had one match, and no pings or likes. I connected with one person while the 18 likes were there, but this person hasn’t replied yet.

I know for a fact that some of these folks were those for whom I had received a notification but did not show up. How? I took screenshots of my notification log when I got a notification without the person being in my likes. And yes, I took more screenshots when those folks suddenly showed up.

Among the people there I noticed a few people who, as I recall, I had matched with, but turned out to be flakes. I even recognized one as a nonbinary individual I went on a date with. I did contact him by text. He said he wasn’t sure if he had liked me again, but I think now those people I had matched with before were a bug.

How do I know it was a bug? Well, a few hours later, all those pings and matches were gone again. WTF are they doing at Feeld? This sudden appearance and then disappearance feels like someone was just issuing ad hoc SQL commands into the database and seeing what happened. Then they realized their mistake, and reverted, at least partially. (I still have the new match that I made.)

So if I did not see the pings and likes that people sent to me, what did this mean? I suspect the same thing happened to those people that I had pinged. They got a notification, but I was nowhere to be found in their pings. It means that a good deal of the pings I had been sending were pissed away.

Feeld is an amateur operation. Amateurs can pull the wool over your eyes for a while, but when the shit hits the fan, they reveal themselves for what they really are, amateurs.

Use OkCupid.



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