Your Autistic Life: The Ruminations of an Autistic Man

This is my blog. I masked my autism for the first 50 years of my life. I discovered in March 2023 that I am, in fact, autistic. Prior to this time, my life was mostly okay, but did not make much sense overall. Since my self-diagnosis, my life makes much more sense.

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  • Why Do Autistic People “Make A Scene?”

    Because you don’t bloody listen. Going to events can be challenging when you are autistic. It is definitely challenging for me. I have noise sensitivity and social anxiety. I’ve recently learned that I’m liable to crash if I’m overstimulated during a social event. Fun! I’m going to talk about a specific event here. It is…

  • The Conservatives Justices Part of SCOTUS are Sophomoric Idiots

    Yep, we’re fucked. I chose my words carefully with that title. Their “reasoning” for the decision granting absolute powers to presidents is equivalent to the work of a confused college sophomore. I knew right away that this decision couldn’t be good for us, but I decided to hold my tongue for a while. I have…

  • If I Were A Billionaire

    I’d be helping my fellow human beings here and now. A billion dollars does isolate you from having to worry about your future, right? I sure hope so. At least that’s how I imagine it. If I’m wrong about this, you can try to convince me, but you’re going to have to bring up your…

Latest Articles:

  • Sleep Disorders

    I used to be able to sleep just fine, but I lost that ability with age. Sleep disorders are common among autistic people. The fact that I progressively lost the ability to sleep normally is one of the reasons I think that I was starting to lose the ability to mask prior to my cancer,…

  • I Like Repetition

    There are multiple ways in which repetition is a feature of my life. Society tells us that repetition is a bad thing. Then again, society is dominated by neurotypical people. I’m neurodivergent, autistic, and thus my relationship with repetition is more complex than what society tells us. My choice of clothing shows a desire for…

  • Stimming

    I’ve stimmed all my life, but its manifestation has changed over time. As I reflect on earlier episodes in my life, I realize that a lot of the symptoms associated with autism were present in me, but masked. I’ve stimmed way before my cancer weakened my ability to mask, but I did not know what…

  • Social Anxiety

    Social interactions have always been difficult. As a general observation, social interactions have always proved to be a minefield for me. I did my best to step carefully through this minefield, but I did step on some landmines. I thought that was just me being “quirky” but I think now it is my autism. Truth…

  • No Social Media Icons For Sharing On This Site

    I’ve thought about it, but I decided against it. Maybe I’m acting against my own best interests here… but it seems to me rather frivolous to add a strip of icons on every page so that users can share the stuff here to some social media platform. If you want to share, you can do…

Latest Videos From My YouTube Channel:

  • Screw You!

    Finn is literally falling into a trap, or is it figuratively?

  • Eating Your Feelings

    Finn has been in the bathroom for a while, processing his feelings.

  • Sliced Muenster Cheese

    Finn gets sliced monster for Alice.

Latest Music:

  • Stimming Is Life 015

    Yes music! In need to talk about the Route 66 song. Unfortunately, the electroswing mix that I picked does not exist on Spotify. I had to replace it with Nat King Cole’s version, which I love. This song is a good illustration of the fact that I think ads can be cute, even if I…

  • Stimming Is Life 14

    More music to stim to. Things of note… I believe this is a first in our series. The songwriter of Your Woman, Jyoti Mishra (@Jyoti) is in the fediverse! Do say hi, especially if you like the song! Danger Mouse is very present in this playlist. He’s a member Gnarls Barkley and Broken Bells. No,…

  • Stimming Is Life’s 80’s 001

    I know I’ve had a few oldies in my playlists previously, but this is the first time I have an entire playlist of oldies. I asked YouTube for Lube, and then it figured that I just wanted to listen to oldies. I just rolled with it.