Don’t Give Up

No matter how bleak your situation is. Don’t give up!

“Who is that bozo telling me to not give up?”

This bozo.

This bozo had a heart attack at 24. It was due to bad genes. However, when he had his heart attack at 24, he thought his entire life was over. This thought led to panic attacks. He had to take medicines, both for his hearth and his mind. Eventually, the panic attacks subsided. However, he is still on heart medicine. Luckily, he’s now on a heart medicine that nullifies his genetic defect. Did he give up? No.

This bozo then started experiencing the symptoms of cancer at 47. He was 48 when he was diagnosed. He came very close from dying of this cancer. This caused a resurgence of the panic attacks, but he went back on medicine for them. The treatment for his cancer was no walk in the park. Was there shit? Yes, there was shit. Was there vomit? Yes, there was vomit. Did he lose his hair? He lost a bit, but it mostly stopped growing for a while.

During his treatment, this bozo was on a rail. The only thing he could do was to let the health care professionals do their job. Though he did complain when, at times, the job wasn’t done right. A very low point was when he was slumped in the shower, with the water running over his back to wash away the poison he was now sweating out. This poison was necessary to ensure the cancer would not come back. Did he give up? No.

This bozo is now on psychiatric medicines, at low dose, most likely for the rest of his life. However, he is now a little bit over 2.5 years in remission.

Now, this bozo is not the type of person to come tell you to think positively. How you think does not matter, so long as you don’t give up. Scream at the top of your lungs if you feel like it. Cry if you feel like it. He’s not here to change your mood. He’s also not going to say I did this, therefore so can you.

All this being said, however, he’s definitely here to tell you to not give up.

Just don’t give up!

I hate to put up a warning of this sort, but once in a while healthcare crackpots like to jump on my posts. Let me assure you that if you are a healthcare crackpot, you are wasting your time trying to reply to this.






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