Your Autistic Life: The Ruminations of an Autistic Man

This is my blog. I masked my autism for the first 50 years of my life. I discovered in March 2023 that I am, in fact, autistic. Prior to this time, my life was mostly okay, but did not make much sense overall. Since my self-diagnosis, my life makes much more sense.

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  • How Are Autistic People Supposed To Make A Living?

    I explain at least part of the “making a living” problem from the point of view of an autistic person. Tie your hat. This is a long post. Now, keep in mind the proverb: When you’ve met one autistic person, you’ve met one autistic person. I don’t claim here to talk for every single autistic…

Latest Articles:

  • Spinning Class

    Finn bought a new chair for spinning class. (Decided to leave the exaggerated laughs that the AI produced, as-is.)

  • Doing Adult Stuff

    Finn is trying to convey to Alice that he’s adulting.

  • Flushies

    Finn has a new idea for a stuffed toy.

  • Stimming Is Life 009

    More music to stim to. The music video for I Appear Missing is a big gory. Also, I picked the audio of Miracle for the YouTube playlist. There is an official music video, but it is not safe for work. If you want to see it, you’ll have to work for it.

  • Bark Your Meal

    Finn barks a lasagna.

  • Autistic Joy: How I Did NOT Celebrate Valentine’s Day With My Boyfriend

    We are on the same page, he and I, Valentine’s Day is not something to celebrate. I’ve always had a difficult relationship with Valentine’s Day. I went through the motions, for the benefit of my ex-wife. It was very important for her to mark the day, somehow. As far as I see it, Valentine’s Day…

Latest Videos From My YouTube Channel:

  • Bark Your Meal

    Finn barks a lasagna.

  • A Second Opinion

    A patient seeks a second opinion about her medical case.

  • Miles Per Gollum

    Finn explains a new method of transportation in Middle Earth.